Onderstaande aanmaning is bedoeld als voorbeeld en uitsluitend voor uw eigen gebruik.
Voor een persoonlijk gesprek over uw incassokwesties op basis buitengerechtelijk
no cure no pay kunt u ons mailen info@incassodienst.nl of bellen 040 - 236 57 84.


Engelse aanmaning

1. Dear Madam, Dear Sir,

2. Our administrative department noticed that, despite the expiry of
the payment deadline, our invoice nr....... has remained unpaid so far.

3. Did you perhaps overlook the deadline?

4. We kindly yet firmly invite you to settle the amount of …….. euros
from the above-mentioned invoice within 7 days on our bank
account number ......……………. .

5. Moreover, we would like to request from you, as an appreciated
contact, that you make sure to also settle all our future invoices within the agreed term.

6. We will shortly contact you in order to make an appointment during
which we will once again go over all agreements.

7. Please disregard this letter if you already carried out your payment.

8. We're looking forward to further cooperating with you.

Alternatieve toevoegingen aan uw aanmaning :

9. Should your payment remain unsettled by the end of the aforementioned term,
we will be obliged to definitively delegate this claim and take legal steps.

10. You will be charged with all interests, as well as high legal fees pertaining thereto.

11. All future assignments, regardless of the invoiced amount, will only be carried out if prepaid.

12. We are confident that you will properly solve this matter.

13. Kind regards,

14. Respectfully yours,